Mikeva Ltd.’s year of strong growth continues in Pohjois-Pohjanmaa region by a new mental health housing service unit acquisition. Kuntoutumiskoti Malttia Ltd., operating in Ylivieska, will continue its operations as a 100% -owned subsidiary of Mikeva. In 2010 established, Kuntoutumiskoti Malttia has 33 rehabilitation places.

Nationwide operating Mikeva’s market leader position strengthens in Pohjois-Pohjanmaa region due to this acquisition. Kuntoutumiskoti Malttia’s stepwise rehabilitation model supports well Mikevas MiePä-model. The acquisition strengthens regional co-operation and enables versatile service supply to municipalities in the region. In the future Malttias rehabilitation will adopt also tools from solution-oriented community care ideology. TutKa-model developed by Mikeva fits well to Malttias operations and gives to Malttia one service product more.

”It’s important to us in Mikeva that we are able to improve every day our service concepts contents in all our segments. It’s excellent that in Malttia rehabilitative expertise and rehabilitation path are in the heart of client work. We are pleased to have Malttia part of mental health care market leader Mikeva.” comments Mikeva CEO Petri Pitkäranta.

”Now as we continue with new challenges it’s logical that Malttia manages and develops its operations in capable hands. Mikevas rehabilitation concepts fit well to Malttias operations and Malttias highly professional employees may continue working in familiar environment.” say Ilkka and Sanna Törmikoski from Kuntoutumiskoti Malttia Ltd.

Mikeva has operations in over 69 municipalities in 109 service homes throughout Finland. The total capacity of operations is more than 2500 customer beds and rehabilitation places. In 2016 Mikeva expands by growing organically with ten service homes and with several acquisitions. Mikeva is known especially for elderly, mental health and disabled care segments rehabilitation services and developing housing services nationwide.

For more information contact: Petri Pitkäranta, Mikeva Ltd. tel. 044 7800 600 Ilkka Törmikoski, Kuntoutumiskoti Malttia Ltd. tel. 044 0880 604