Mikeva Ltd.’s growth continues in Pohjois-Pohjanmaa region by a new mental health housing service unit. 1991 established Helmakodit Ltd. operating in Kalajoki will continue its operations as a 100% subsidiary of Mikeva. Helmakodit’s employees will continue with existing employment terms as so called old employees.

Nationwide operating Mikeva’s market leader position strengthens even more in PohjoisPohjamaa region by this acquisition. In the future Mikeva’s MiePä-model will be adapted in Helmakodit’s operations. MiePä-model is based on rehabilitee’s mental and physical resources in individual rehabilitation. The rehabilitation includes tools from solution-oriented community care ideology. Helmakodit’s set of values meaningful life, ability to change and sustainable development are in line with Mikeva’s Good Feeling – value proposition and with the implemented practices.

”To us in Mikeva it is important that our every service segment will pay attention to individuality. It is great that in Helmakodit dignity has always been highlighted value and that every resident is respected. We are pleased to have Helmakodit part of Mikeva.” says Mikeva CEO Petri Pitkäranta.

”It has always been important to us to go eagerly forward and to be involved in the development. We have invested in customer-oriented and high quality work that we can introduce with pride. Helmakodit has operated nearly 25 years and now it’s time to join big expert. Merging to Mikeva feels good and natural since we already have common approach to operations and common set of values.” comments Ulla-Maija Ikäheimo and Helena Hentunen from Helmakodit Ltd.

Mikeva has operation in over 65 municipalities in 105 service homes throughout Finland. The total capacity of operations is almost 2400 customer beds and rehabilitation places. In 2016 Mikeva expands by growing organically with ten service homes and with several acquisitions. Mikeva is known especially for elderly, mental health and disabled care segments rehabilitation services and developing housing services nationwide.

For more information: Petri Pitkäranta, Mikeva Ltd. tel. 044 7800 600 Ulla-Maija Ikäheimo, Helmakodit Ltd. tel. 0400 582 424