Mikeva’s growth continues by a first acquisition in 2017. Palvelukoti Rauha, providing disabled care services to 16 customers, joins Mikeva as a 100% subsidiary. The acquired service home operates in Pornainen in Uusimaa region. Palvelukoti Rauha’s employees will continue with existing terms as so called old employees.

Due to this acquisition Mikeva’s position in Uusimaa region strengthens significantly and Palvelukoti Rauha’s strong disabled care concept widens even more Mikeva’s service portfolio. Mikeva has developed its nationwide operations in three main segment and in therapy and rehabilitation services.

“Our position as a nationwide operator and situatio nearby Helsinki Metropolitan area strengthens after Palvelukoti Rauha acquisition. We get a new kind of perspective to our disabled care housing service concept. This acquisition brings to Mikeva a lot of new skills and knowhow in disabled care segment. Mikeva continues to grow further after last year’s 13 new service homes, two expansions and ten acquired units.” comments Mikeva CEO Petri Pitkäranta.

“1.1.2017 it’s been 11 years from the moment we opened Palvelukoti Rauha. The past years have taught and educated me. I would not change a day. We have created a safe home to our residents. In our daily operations we have had our focus in bringing out our residents ’inner personality’ where disability is not the main issue. Our every resident has been taken into account as an individual. Now is the time to move forward. I will confidently transfer Palvelukoti Rauha to Mikeva’s capable hands.” Says Palvelukoti Rauha CEO Jaana Lohela.

Mikeva Ltd. is one of the leading nationwide service provider in elderly care, disabled care, mental health rehabilitation and therapy and rehabilitation services. Mikeva has operations in over 70 municipalities in 120 service homes throughout Finland. The total capacity of operations is over 2 700 customer beds and rehabilitation places.

For more information, please contact Petri Pitkäranta, Mikeva Ltd. tel. +358 (0)44 7800 600 Jaana Lohela, Palvelukoti Rauha Ltd. tel. +358 (0)20 7622 611