G Square has completed an investment in Unicare, one of the largest providers of healthcare services in Norway, which includes occupational and mental health, homecare, BPA, physical medicine and rehabilitation services. This marks the first investment in G Square’s second fund (G Square Capital II).

Unicare, established in 2008, operates several nursing homes, welfare institutions and homes for people with complex needs and currently employees over 2,000 staff.

Unicare aims to further enhance the quality and efficiency of healthcare services in Norway in partnership with G Square, a healthcare specialist investment firm known for its emphasis on high quality standards and innovation throughout Europe.

Tom Tidemann, founder and CEO of Unicare commented: “G Square will be a great partner for Unicare. We have worked long and diligently to strengthen the quality and capacity of our services. We now look forward to a new and important phase of development”.

“Every day, our highly skilled staff ensures that our patients and residents are provided exemplary services. For Unicare’s staff, patients and residents, the new partnership will prove even better. We believe in a publicly controlled healthcare services system, where the public and private players work together to achieve a common goal: to ensure a greater diversity in supply with high standards of quality and innovative services at affordable cost.”

G Square has now completed eight deals in its European investment portfolio, each in a different geographical jurisdiction, and will be applying its successful buy and build investment strategy to Unicare that has been consistently implemented across the portfolio company investments in its first fund (G Square Capital I).