Buy-out & Expansion Capital

Attractive opportunities originate from compelling dynamics of the European Healthcare sector

  • Healthcare expenditures increase steadily to match ageing population's growing needs
  • Fragmented markets consolidate driven by deregulation, privatization, outsourcing, new technologies

G Square’s strong Healthcare investment experience provides powerful benefits

  • Successful investment track record in European Healthcare
  • Deep industry knowledge and international network generates proprietary investment opportunities
  • Sector focus expertise allows G Square to add value and contribute to strategic or operational discussions, professional management recruitement

G Square’s investment scope covers a wide range of Healthcare products and services

  • Providers of care (private hospitals, nursing homes, home care, specialized surgical, medical, dental chains of services, diagnostic labs, imaging centers)
  • Services to the healthcare industry (Contract Research Organizations, Contract Manufacturing Organizations, distribution)
  • Medical technology (diagnostic and therapeutic devices and equipment, disposables, healthcare information technology)

G Square does not invest in development stage biotechnology companies